Rakyat App - Future of Rakyat

Rakyat Apps is a cross-platform mobile application which consolidates multiple applications of government and private sector under ONE roof. 

The apps development concept consists of citizen digitalisation infrastructure development, digital economy platform and outbreak mitigation platform.

What is Rakyat App?

Rakyat App is a super App to empower the Malaysian to be digital savvy in cashless, contactless, fastest, cost-effective and safest ecosystem through revolutionized technology of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, eKYC, Fintech and Cybersecurity leveraged.


It connects you to government and private sectors made easier to access their services with greater inclusivity. The solutions evolve among millions of Rakyat to Rakyat which linked up the users to Social Enterprise, Logistic Services, eKYC Services and Fintech Industries.

The core of the Rakyat Apps

Digital ID

A secure & trusted digital identity on cyber


A process performed on the user’s mobile phone to verify the user’s identity electronically

Single Sign-on (SSO)

An authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password


A unified cross-platform e-Wallet

Digital Economy

A platform to Malaysian to be business savvy in Digital Era

Centric Core System

Reusable information that can serve different system for the same purpose

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